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Jonathon was unemployed in 2019. He had previously been with the army reserves for a number of years and expressed an interest in security work to his mentor. His mentor was able to fund his SIA training and also personal protective equipment for his job. Jonathan is now employed and since 2019 he has worked at a number of music festivals including backstage at Glastonbury where he was in the company of such acts as Kylie Minogue, Mylee Cyrus, and The Cure.

Plane on Runway

He has also worked at a number of nightclubs around the country but his favorite moment so far is when he worked on security for the recent G7 conference and was part of the team securing the RAF airport runway where he watched leaders from around the world land and disembark the planes. He also has upcoming security jobs that are The Goodwood Festival of Speed and the British Formula 1 Grand Prix.


Jonathon's Story

“I couldn’t believe that I would ever be in a position where I was about 150 meters away from the American President landing in Air Force One and part of the security team at the airport”

"It is thanks to the support from C4W+ that I have been provided with the opportunities to experience some of the world’s biggest events and occasions."

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