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About Communities For Work Plus
In Blaenau Gwent

Our Organisation

We are a Welsh Government funded programme which helps local people to find work. We offer one to one mentoring support to individuals to help them overcome barriers they have finding work, for example jobs searching, CV writing, interview skills, sourcing and securing training opportunities, building their confidence and much more.  

Through our programmes, Communities for Work Plus, we are able to provide unique pathways for individuals regardless of the barriers they face and have access to funding to remove those barriers.  Examples of the support that can be given include, sourcing and securing training, providing access to transport and childcare, providing support to people with disabilities to support them to secure sustainable employment.  

Our dedicated mentors are able to offer one to one support that is tailored around individual needs and an agreed Personal Development plan is set with the individual.  The support we provide is based around the individual to find suitable employment by improving skills, providing training opportunities and removing barriers that may prevent them from working or finding sustainable employment. To maximise our offer and provide the correct support we work closely with local partner agencies to ensure the right type of intervention and best outcome for the individual.  

The community employability programmes are entirely voluntary, so the individual does not have to engage with the programme if they feel it is not suited to them.  However, through the support of additional staff, we are able to signpost them to more appropriate provision, if this is in fact the case. 

How does it work?

You will have your own mentor who will meet you at a convenient place near you. They will find out what help you need when they meet with you, and will agree on the next steps with you.


There is no obligation to join Communities for Work Plus, it’s entirely up to you and you can decide whether Communities for Work Plus is for you following your meeting with your adviser or mentor. If you decide to join Communities for Work Plus your mentor will arrange to meet or contact you on a regular basis to ensure you are getting the help you need to start work.

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