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Communities For Work Plus

As of the 1st October, the staff will be moving over to work for BGCBC.


This will mean no change to the service the programme offers, it will simply mean a change to our e-mail addresses.  We are still accessible through the Facebook page: Communities Work Plus - Blaenau Gwent, and our contact numbers for now, remain the same.  


If you are a participant, nothing will change in relation to your support and your Mentor will able to provide assurances of that, if you would like to enroll on the programme or require more information please ring 07483150107 or 07483128056.  Thank you.

Communities For Work Plus
In Blaenau Gwent

Communities for Work is a community-based advisory service working to increase the employability of individuals who are not in employment, education or training and who face complex barriers to employment. 

Communities for work can provide support to help to build your confidence, gain some work experience, learn new skills or re-write your CV.

Communities for work will help you as an individual and will meet with you in your local community, or offer phone, or zoom/teams  support to suit your needs


Communities for work is a Welsh Government program that is supported by the European Social Fund. 

People Helped Into Employment 

How does it work?

You will have your own adviser or mentor who will meet you at a convenient place near you.


They will find out what help you need when they meet with you, and will agree next steps with you.


There is no obligation to join Communities for Work, it’s entirely up to you and you can decide whether Communities for Work is for you following your meeting with your adviser or mentor.


If you decide to join Communities for Work your adviser or mentor will arrange to meet or contact you on a regular basis to ensure you are getting the help you need to start work.

What are the benefits of Communities for Work? 

Communities for Work will provide you with intense mentoring and support, helping you to secure sustainable employment. 

"The Path To Success"
Communities For Work are proud to present our first Online Escape Game! 
Check it out here! 
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